General Information

The development of the cellulose and paper industry, as well the printing and publishing industry depends on various factors: raw materials, industrial implementation of the R&D results, the governmental foresty policy, the infrastructure quality, the environmental regulations, external markets etc.

The industry that includes paper,cellulose,corrugated board production and other items is widely used by human population.From societal and economic point of view,it is of great importance; it is connected with many other sectors of the economy and strongly depends on the consumption factor.

In the cellulose and paper branch of the Bulgarian economy,the manufacturing of corrugated board and corrugated board packages is of great importance.


The main disadvantage of the corrugated board packages, used for goods transportation, is their flammability.

The risk of fire can be reduced by the use of flame retardants. They are additives that allow performing modification of combustible materials like paper and corrugated board.

The flame retardants increase the initial resistance to ignition of the treated materials and can effectively slow down burning rates which in turn are proportioned to the rate of smoke and toxic gas build up which would lead to increase of the potential escape time.

The project activities are split in 5 key stages.

Effects of the project: